Finding CBD products you can TRUST

We verify that the products of every business displaying our badge have been tested by a third-party laboratory so you can feel CONFIDENT in what you are buying.

Our Mission

At Lab Tested CBD we have one simple mission - bringing transparency to the CBD industry.

That’s why we require that each product displaying our badge has been independently tested by a third-party laboratory. We review the Certificate of Analysis provided by the lab and publish it on our website for consumers to access.

No Harmful Chemicals

We wouldn’t want to use a product unless we were sure that is was safe. And we wouldn’t want you to either.

That’s why we verify the amount of pesticides and chemicals which appear in the test results of all products displaying our badge are below the legal allowable limits.

Find what works Best for YOU

There is so much variety in the CBD marketplace when it comes to types and quality of different products. We want to take the headache out of finding which product works best for you.

We post the exact CBD profile of each product within our network to give customers the ability to know exactly what they are buying and allow them to figure out what CBD product works best for their specific needs.

Is there a brand you would like to see partnered up with Lab Tested CBD?

Our goal is for every CBD product on the market to be tested and verified. Let us know if there is a CBD a you love that you would like to see with a Lab Tested CBD badge.