A Better Way to Display Lab Test Results

A Better Way to Display Lab Test Results

How it Works.

Optimize your Website

We organize and display your lab results in a way that optimizes conversion rates and increases sales.

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Interact with Customers

We interact with your customers - so they know your products are high quality and safe - as soon as they enter your website.

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QR Codes

We provide QR codes for each product so you remain compliant to sell online in all 50 states.

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Gain Your Customers Trust
to Increase Sales

Our badge greets customers as soon as they enter your site and remains visible as they scroll throughout each page, serving as a constant reminder of your product's quality.

Shoppers decide whether or not to buy your products within the first few seconds of visiting your website.

Displaying a Lab Tested CBD badge improves sales by 8.7%, on average.

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CBD Drops (900mg)
has been LAB TESTED
8.7 %
Increase in Sales
11 %
More Time Spent on Page
15% %
Improved Bounce Rate

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Our customers report that the increaes in revenues due to the Lab Tested CBD badge typically has around a 650% ROI of the monthly fee.

We offer a 30 day period for any business to test our badge on their website without any financial risk.

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